Hailing from Houston, the city that has undisputedly defined rap music in the Lone Star State, Derty Dave, David Clark Perkins, represents the next evolution in artists from this legendary city.  As a rapper that can  produce bars laced with lyrical athleticism then turn around and lay down vocals infused with a beautiful kind of ache, Derty Daveis an artist whose music flows from the joys and traumas of his young but storied life. In his recent song with Beatnik Beats, "You Don't Know What I've Seen" Derty Dave says "nose in the snow like you're learning to ski. The thirst is the worst on the first and fifthteen" and soon after "searchin for the best version of me, searchin for the best version of me. You know Derty Dave we gon certainly see."  This extract, a small sample from his revealing catalog of work, illustrates the deep dichotomy of vices and aspirations that permeates Derty Dave's music and life and gives his verses, as well as his vocals a dimension of humanity many artists never quite achieve.

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