From the first inklings of a rhyme scheme and bass beat to the finishing touches of sound engineering, there is not a part of music production that Beatnik Beats (Eddie Hempe) has not applied his creative energy to.  As a rapper, beat maker, photographer, videographer and burgeoning sound engineer, Beatnik Beats is a uniquely versatile artist whose sound shifts and evolves as he explores the ins and outs of creating, producing and showcasing music.  In his latest album, Lost and Impatient, he serves up everything from creepy beats with haunting lyrics, to bouncy bangers with clever turns of phrase.  From his diverse catalog to his varied wardrobe of collared business shirts and thoroughly worn-in skate shoes, Beatnik Beats' signature seems to be having no signature.  And it works, because with every move he makes, he remains true to himself as an artist.  While we may never be able to predict what Beatnik Beats will do next, we can always rely on the fact that the most compelling art comes from truth as we wait and see.

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